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Lily Blossom can help you make your wedding day fantastic. But we are also here, to help you build a happy, successful long-lasting marriage, year after year, with our Forever Wedding Package.


We can tailor your wedding bouquet and flowers to your needs. We are on hand to suggest beautiful, traditional, or alternative ways to decorate your wedding venue. Just email, phone for a no obligation chat, or drop into the shop.
Purchase as a unique wedding gift or a gift from groom to bride.

A wedding is a single, special day. A marriage, is a lifetime.

You should see us if you want have great day with budget.******


Make it a Forever Wedding, with Lily Blossom Florists.
*To find out what bouquets are included in the package, please Call 020 8979 5656 or E-mail us:
*For customers outside the area, restrictions or additional costs apply. Please see Delivery Area by Post code:

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